Donny Smith is a Toronto based songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist whose music is pushing the limits of the pop genre, combining edgy blues/funk riffs with bright, infectious melodies. Donny has been a long-time participant in the Canadian music scene and throughout his career has shared the stage with many noteworthy Canadian and international acts including Marianas Trench, Finger 11 and The Midway State.

Born into a musical family with seven other siblings, half of which are currently pursuing their own musical careers, Donny knows the power music can have on one’s life.


“Music is just a part of our family makeup, and it’s in our blood. Personally, for me, it shapes everything I do, and every path I take in life. I’m thankful for that and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Though Donny has had a successful musical career as the lead guitarist for the band Fairchild, which was made up of him and three other siblings, Donny is now turning his creativity towards more personal modes of expression with his current project “Breaking Through” An EP which will be released in early fall of 2019 that combines his love of acoustic guitar riffs with his talent for melodic and captivating melody.

“I will always appreciate what we accomplished in Fairchild. We had two hit signals that hit radio and made it to the top 40s Canadian charts, we toured all of Canada and got to perform with some big acts for more than half a million people total since Fairchild’s inception. On top of all that we got to do it as a family. I will always be there for my brothers, and if they need me I’m there in a heartbeat, but they understand what I’m doing and support me 100%”

Donny continues to pursue his career as a singer/songwriter/performer. His overall drive is to communicate human emotion through music and lyrics in a way that resonates with a diverse audience.

“Each song has its own story and particular message and in the end that’s what I am, a storyteller.”